Technology & pharmaceutical forms

The heart of FIDELIO Healthcare beats in production. We are specialists for all common pharmaceutical forms and product groups.

Tablets as a form of administration for medicines were already introduced in ancient times. The word "pill" is derived from the Latin word pilula, which is said to go back to the Roman scholar Plinius Valerianus (23-79 AD). So we can't claim to have invented the tablet, but we are constantly improving it and producing it in exact accordance with customer requirements.

As a contract manufacturer, we are aware of our responsibility to be a reliable partner in business-critical processes. Thanks to the highest level of pharmaceutical competence and state-of-the-art production facilities, we can provide you with tailor-made solutions and innovative products in solid, semi-solid and liquid form.

We offer top quality and on-time delivery that keeps you one step ahead in a competitive market.

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