Technology & pharmaceutical forms

Liquid forms

At FIDELIO Healthcare we produce liquid preparations with different viscosities for external and internal use. Our production line is designed for a variety of liquid dosage forms:

  • Solutions

    Liquid preparations in which the active substances are dissolved in water or another solvent such as a fatty oil.

  • Emulsions

    Preparation of at least two immiscible liquids which are combined with the help of an emulsifying agent to form a homogeneous liquid.

  • Suspensions

    Liquid preparations that are mixtures of a liquid and homogeneously suspended solids.


Development & production from a single source

FIDELIO Healthcare offers first-class service, from the development of your product including trials and regulatory approval, to manufacturing, quality control and worldwide logistics.
Skilled specialists work on the optimal composition of diverse healthcare products. They carry out complex evaluations and extensive checks on the processes quickly and efficiently.
Contract manufacturing
Efficient production lines, a worldwide network of first-class raw material suppliers and specialized logistics service providers make FIDELIO Healthcare a specialist for the production of your pharmaceuticals.
Target markets
In addition to development and production, FIDELIO also takes care of the worldwide transport and the necessary country-specific requirements.
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